Here we are, Sylwia and Mike.
We met in winter of 2012 in Warsaw during Food Not Bombs action. We like doing similar things and thanks to that we had a chance to meet. We are different, but with the same spirit. We both are happy, optimistic and full of love for the world and people all over this planet. We have been married since April 2013 and we have a common vision of life. Ever since we met we felt that God wants to show us His beautiful world, places and people in non-standard way. We felt that God wants to send us and guide us to experience His presence in amazing adventures on the road. We did not know His plans, but we knew that they are good. Without hesitation and with courage we jumped in the realization of our common dreams which God has placed in our hearts years before. So we decided to build our mobile home, to get rid of everything we had, and to begin an unknown journey without a plan and without the time limit. We started traveling thousands of kilometers trough the roads of Europe and Africa, serving people in as different ways as possible.

             Sylwia- born in Slupca in January 11, 1981. She is not afraid of any kind of work. She was an english teacher and in the meantime the manager of Polish-Dutch band Fruhstuck from Wroclaw. She worked in the production of advertisements and for short time as a real estate agent. She also worked as a manager in the cloth industry. Before leaving Poland, she spent two years in an advertising agency as an account / event manager. Optimistic good soul. Responsible for any painting, cleaning and accurate isolation of our Rainbow Truck van. She would like to improve her Spanish and learn some French. In her free time she likes cycling, jogging, hiking, and playing djembe. She keeps on writing our blog. She learns photography and playing the ukulele. In her free time she likes reading books and in Poland she enjoyed listening to polish radio "Trójka". She was a volunteer in Warsaw Amnesty International group, in animal shelters in Celestynow and Siestrzen, and she took part in Food Not Bombs actions. For several years she helped to organize SLOT Art Festival in Lubiaz. Before we met she traveled through most of Western Europe and three months through South America. Till now during our trip through Africa she helped with the kids in the kinder garden in Ghana, and in the "mobile" clinic in Togo. She is peaceful and loving person. Africa has always been her dream and now this dream comes true.

                Michał- born in Slupca March 11, 1985. Electrician by profession. For several years he had small electric company, specializing in servicing intercom and access control devices. Handyman, mechanician and enthusiastic amateur radio operator with the callsigns SQ3PMM, CN2MM, 9G5AG, 5V7MI, TY4AB, 9X9MM, 5Z4/SQ3PMM, 5H3MC, 3DA0MS, ZS6/SQ3PMM. In addition to building antennas and tapping telegraph key he has many more interests. In his free time he likes squash, snowboarding, canoeing, fishing and survival. Lately he is interested in playing djembe. For relaxation he reads books and listens to jazz. He was a volunteer in Warsaw Amnesty International group, in animal shelters in Celestynów and Siestrzen. He was taking part in Food Not Bombs actions. Before starting our African adventure his traveling experiences were not really big - weekend trips to magical places in Poland, like Mazury, Bieszczady and Roztocze. During the trip through Africa he helped to build a water system in the kinder garden in Ghana, the electrical system in the school and a water well in Togo. For years he dreamed about an mission like this and finally it comes true.

            We did it ! We are on the road since may 2014. Behind us thousands of kilometers of various types of roads. From beautiful asphalt in Morocco and in West Sahara to difficult, muddy and full of bumps roads in Mali, Ghana and Togo. We met many beautiful places and many wonderful, lovely, colorful people. There were moments of great joy as well as hard times of weakness, illness and tears. We do not give up! God is leading us, we go on His way, thanking Him every day for His protection, mercy and goodness. We want to bring His love to every place of this great continent. In this wonderful part of the globe we want to help different missions, as much as possible. We are travelers - volunteers under the wings of God. Without a plan we go ahead to help, and to get to know different world, culture, people, ourselves and above all to know the Father, through whom everything happens. Till now, thanks to God we pass trough 17 african countries and currently we are serving as a missionaries in Michael's Childrens Village, in South Africa. More about our recent adventures you can read on our blog:
www.rainbowtruck.blogspot.com and facebook: www.facebook.com/rainbow.truck

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Sylwia and Michal