It is not so easy to plan such a trip, luckily we didn't have to. From the beginning we knew that the "captain" of this trip is God and He is the one to be in charge.
He leads and guides us through thousands of kilometers. He shows us His places, He looks after, protects and connects us with wonderful people. The goal is not a specific point on the map but the place where we can serve others, wherever it might be.
Till now we visited:
In Europe: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Portugal - all together 4 months.
To Africa we got by ferry Algeciras - Tanger, it took us only an hour.
  In Africa:
        - Morocco - 2 months 
        - West Sahara - 2 weeks
        - Mauretania - 1 week
        - Mali - 1 month
        - Ivory Coast - 2 months
        - Ghana - 3 months
        - Togo - 6 months
        - Benin - 4 months
        - Nigeria - 3 weeks
        - Cameroon - 2 months - where we left our mobile home and take a flight to the east part of Africa.

From now on we are moving by the local transport with our backpacks.
- Rwanda - 1 month - we took night bus trough Uganda.
- Kenya - 1 month

After few weeks in Kenya we bought small motorbike and continue our travel.
- Tanzania - 1 month
- Mozambique - 1 month
- Swaziland - 1 month
- South Africa - currently

Our present position can be followed on the map:

More about our adventures from the road You can read on our blog:
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This is more or less the way we drove trough Europe:

This is the map showing our way through Africa by our car:

Tanger - Yaounde

This is the map that shows our way from Rwanda to Kenya by local transport and Kenya - South Africa on motorbike:

Rwanda - White River

Greetings from our way !
Sylwia and Michal